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Significance of Distance Learning Programs in India

January 28, 2014

With tremendous progress in every field, India has preened on the education sector to provide flexible and affordable education. Earlier education was confined to the elites in society, which primarily affected lower and middle class people. However, today’s newfangled education system has revolutionized the whole notion of the education access.

Value of distance learning programs in India

Distance learning programs in India are apparently running neck to neck with full-time programs. They come in handy as compared to traditional courses to much an extent.  Distance learning programs evocate one about convenience, accessibility, and flexibility.

At present, distance learning programs in India are housed of two prime categories, namely correspondence courses and open courses. This type of education has received overwhelming response I the country. As a result of which, numerous distance-education job oriented courses have been launched by different universities.

This specific prototype caters to a colossal range of aspirants from all disciplines. Students can easily upgrade their educational qualifications on the groundswell of distance education. Furthermore, distance learning programs in India cover both young and old age groups.

If one has to continue education by easy and convenient means in today’s competitive age, distance education is seemingly is an excellent alternative.

Evidently, distance learning programs in India allow for enhanced access to knowledge and embolden long-term indoctrination. Students get to save their exuberant time and money spent in travelling to schools and colleges.

One gets to study from his/ her chosen comfortable ambience. The most dynamic facet is the asynchronous classes that permit everyone to schedule his/ her lectures as per their wish.

What is the benefit of part time courses?

Part time courses form another dynamic aspect of the present education system. Amid the crowd of courses and lucrative opportunities, part time courses emerge as foil to other courses. Below are the crucial benefits that a student might receive through part time courses.

  • Update skills: A great benefit of part time courses is the skill-update. These courses are efficient to raise the skill-level of the existing workforce. The overall horizon lies in developing the workforce to benefit the economy.
  • Balance life: Individuals can combine their studies with their family or work commitments. This renders tremendous flexibility to a person in order to balance both the facets of his/ her life.
  • Pursue further studies: Students can finance their prospective studies by means of part time jobs. Since, part time courses save a great deal of a student’s time, thus allowing him/ her to continue working in the spared time.
  • Enhance existing career: A student can pursue further studies of his/ her predilection to augment the degrees accomplished.
  • Save money: While carrying out a part time course saves time, it also saves one’s money. Numerous part time courses are more affordable than their full-time counterparts.

Final verdict

Both distance learning and part time courses seem promising for every single student, owing to their great advantages. Flexibility, accessibility, reason ability, and wide reach are a few of the notable emoluments.




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