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Distance Education-The New Revolution

July 11, 2013

Education has always been the important part of the human life. People around the world nod their head in ‘yes’ when it comes to providing education to their generation-to-come. Various modes have also got started since the requirement of educating people got increased with the expansion of civilization. Everyone is very well acquainted with the traditional manners and methods of education, in which students would often go to the education centers and gain education thereby. For higher education, too, it used to be the criteria for people to pay regular visits to the campus. But in today’s times, a revolution has got hyped and that is Distance education. As one can get by the name itself, this sort of education is being done through distance mode, wherein the candidates are usually away from the location of the institute and prepare only for the examinations. The timely examinations occur- be it year-wise or semester-wise. Various online courses are being allotted and given the suggestion for, to the students. The

Many universities are providing myriads of programs under this special and flexible mode of gaining education. No dearth of distance learning universities is there in the nation and it caters to almost every section of the society. There are many a university that act as both regular-mode and distance-mode ones. And this is due to the demand of distance learning courses in the market; this is because of the younger generation’s want to multitask. These days, the youth want to work as well as study, so as to feel independent. This can be done with the help of having various colleges providing the courses worthy of professional growth. Courses such as distance learning MBA can be sought-after for career escalation.

Not only the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, but research programmes are also to look forward to when it comes getting education via distance. For instance, distance learning Ph.D. is also there. One can opt for this alongside their work profile.



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  1. Hi, Actually I want to know about distance learning MBA in Noida. Will you please help me. Drop me a mail regarding admission procedure, Fee structure and university.

    • priyankapanday permalink


      For more information fill the enquiry form .

  2. Please give me detail jodhpur national university from distance Learning MBA

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