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Job Prospects for Online PGDM & Online MBA Degree

June 12, 2013

Every year thousands of pupils head for a well furnished degree in management because of the importance of such attainment in the employment market. They believe in excellence and so, are in look out of a well reputed business school which can award them with the degree.
However, confusion keeps on creeping in their mind – what would be better; an MBA or PGDM? Many do not know about the difference between these two degrees and live in a mindset that PGDM is less important than MBA because of the term diploma being associated to the PGDM degree. The article defines in detail about each of the degrees and their job prospects.
There in India are various institutes which are not affiliated to any of the Indian universities. Such Institutes work as independent or autonomous body and conduct their own management courses. These b schools do not teach a university syllabus because it can’t be revised time to time.  A university syllabus is generally outdated and do not fulfill industry requirements whereas; a recalibrated management course that is taught in an independent b school is designed to keep industrial relevance in mind. So, it can be said that Online PGDM courses are more industry endorsed as compared to MBA syllabuses in a recognized university.
Here one important point that should be noted is one year PGDM can never be equivalent to MBA degree and for being Corresponding MBA degree, it must be of two years in duration. A degree in PGDM has equal employment chances in the job market; in fact various elite B Schools in India are offering PGDM degree instead of MBA. Alternatively, there is an MBA degree that is being provided by various Indian universities that are recognized by the government body.
As far as employment is concerned, market is opened for both kinds of degrees and even for online attainments too. People who are in hurry and can’t attend regular classroom settings; they prefer to do an online PGDM or online MBA from accredited distance learning universities in India. However, it is advised to check for the accreditation of such online university before enrolling to any of the mentioned programs because a non-accredited university degree has no values in the employment market.
Various top rated business schools have extended their services and are providing online management courses seeing the massive popularity for the program. Even working professionals too are showing steep inclination towards one such course and are enrolling themselves in large numbers. This again, underlines the fact that for both, MBA and PGDM the job chances are high.


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