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Future of Distance Learning Technical Education in India

May 23, 2013

Future of Distance Learning Technical Education in India
With the emergence of few top level engineering institutions in India, access to excellent technical education has become only easy. Students aspiring for technical studies need not to take a move towards a foreign country as now; they have several options available in India only. Keeping pace with the latest trend in the field of higher learning, Indian distance learning universities too have revamped greatly. Recalibrated distance education mode is a result of such revolutionary ups and downs. Today, the growing number of distance learning BCA students shows that such programs are successfully meeting the goals they were formulated for.
Finding a reason for unexpected popularity for one such program leads us to the employment market that has changed its thinking towards distance education mode. Now, even a top rated company is seen sending its employees to distance learning technical courses so that they can become loaded with additional skills to excel in their workplace. Distance learning BCA courses can be compared to regular courses where same level of educational excellence is being delivered. Moreover, an online course becomes more focused on requirements needed by future employers and rather than imparting core academics, it is delivering practical working experience to help pursuers become functional on practical front. Such industry endorsed technical courses prove to be the right platform to grow as successful professionals of tomorrow.
Not only undergraduate courses but post gradation studies too are expecting for the large student influx and we can see that a significant part of seekers is enrolling itself to a distance learning MCA program to give a sharp twist to their careers. Online schooling has a great gift in terms of flexibility in timings and anyone can attain a degree alongside their occupation. However, because of the technical nature of the program, few campus based lectures are mandatory for the seekers to attend. But excluding this part, entire term is solely delivered through virtual platform. Students are allowed to access online libraries as per their suitability or can talk to their online mentors any time to stay updated on the program.
Online technical courses have a great scope and provide students with complete professional expertise needed for the outstanding success in the field of Information Technology. However, there are few drawbacks in the mode but continuous improvements assures that distance learning technical education will rank in the employment market on top.



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