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Distance learning courses have become the most-viable option for numerous individuals of all ages. Given the enormous flexibility and affordability that these programs provide, distance learning courses are running neck-to-neck with traditional full-time programs.

Distance Learning Mode Admission 2014

In order to seek admission to a distance learning undergraduate course, a student must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized university or institute. Likewise, to get into a distance learning postgraduate program, a student is required to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university or institute.

Why do a Distance Learning Course?

1. Numerous choices: An online education renders an opportunity to learn programs and subjects not available in immediate regions. 2. Networking: In the presence of an online education, students can get in touch with numerous other students from other areas instead of just local areas. 3. Reasonable fees: The tuition fees charged by distance learning programs are lesser than that charged by traditional full-time courses. This means more affordability and greater reasonability for students. 4. Time saving: By means of online courses, students save a great deal of time by not having to travel to colleges or institutes for attending classes. One can simply get started with his/ her lectures right from home by utilizing an Internet connection and a computer. 5. Flexible: Working professionals don’t have time for attending traditional full-time courses. Thus, they can always benefit by online courses, because they get to work as well as study simultaneously.

Final Verdict

Distance learning programs are the most-affordable and most-convenient educational courses today.


Significance of Online MBA Courses in India

Distance learning MBA has, no doubts, brought to the current education system a revolutionary change. Today, many working adults can upgrade their knowledge and skills by taking up online management courses, side by side a full time employment. And not alone this, many students are there who, at times, failed to attend regular education disseminated inside a classroom; now can learn online the latest management practices and strategies to get the coveted title, MBA before their names.

Online education in India has already received an overwhelming response throughout the country. Now, with the association of several new courses to the wide spectrum of distance learning courses it has only become possible for anyone to get their desired degree online. MBA distance learning courses in India are becoming quite popular among youths, as well as, adult people who keep the hope of boosting their career through advanced courses alive. Fortunately, many reputed Indian universities today, are offering high-end course materials for online MBA courses.

Advancement in technology has already changed the learning paradigm and innovative course content is also playing an important role in getting dedicated students their dream jobs. Continuously upgrading management syllabus has become more career oriented in nature now, helping keen aspirants in fulfilling their longing desire for raising their academic knowledge under the management discipline. MBA distance learning courses in India are proving to be the best method for those already having relevant working experience in corporate; they can boost their managerial skills and get more exposure in the field of business and administration while learning through online management courses parallel to their jobs. Apart from this, course fee for one such online MBA program is also quite affordable as compared to various regular management courses at renowned B- Schools.

MBA distance learning courses in India have come across a long way; helping many seekers in attaining dignified job positions in world’s top-notch companies. The number of successful managers is continuously increasing who have ever attended one such program to become a seasoned leader, managers, a board member, legendary academician or a businessman. They not only have developed their leadership quality, but also the traits needed for playing managerial roles in different positions. Luckily, India has adequate number of online universities who are offering excellent course content for online MBA programs for keen aspirants from various career streams. These universities can be found everywhere in the nation, even some small towns too are boasting of significantly important institutions who are serving the community by providing job oriented management courses to seekers.

Jodhpur National University Courses and Fee Structure-8010000200

Jodhpur National University, also known as JNU, is a university that is established under the state government private university act. The university is located in the suburbs of Jodhpur and is spread over a campus of 30 acres. The university sees periodic enrollment of over 13,000 students. It is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956.

Faculties of Jodhpur National University

The university is housed of nine major faculties, namely Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Computer Application, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Arts and Commerce.

Jodhpur National University Courses and Fee Structure


Founded in 2002, the university offers exuberant courses in specialized domains. The numerous courses include M.Tech, B.Tech, B.Tech + MBA, MBA, BBA, BBA + MBA, M.Com, B.Com, MCA, BCA, BCA + MCA, DCA, PGDCA, BDS, M.Pharm, B.Pharm, BPT, MPT, MPH, PHD, and M.Phil.

Other specialized courses include B.Sc. (IT/ CS), B.Sc. (PCM, PCB), B.Sc. (Biotech & CBZ), M.Sc. (PCM & PCB & CBZ), M.SC. (CS/ IT), M.Sc. (Biochemistry & Food & Nutrition), BJMC, MJMC, B.Lib, M.Lib, MA Edu, MA, BA, BA (Hons), BA + LLB, LLM, Diploma in Engg, and D.Pharm.

Fee Structure

Jodhpur National University’s fee structure is both flexible and affordable for students from all walks of life. Commonly, students who opt for distance learning mainly target the courses that are inexpensive as well as affordable.

The fee structure of JNU has been designed keeping in mind the requirements and expenses of students. A student does not have to spend bulky amount while learning through JNU. The university charges reasonable amounts in all courses, thus allowing every student to pursue his/ her dreams without having to struggle with money.


JNU is the first ever university in Rajasthan to sign a training and placement agreement with SAP AG. The university also holds special collaborations, such as project collaboration and summer internship collaboration.


The university is affiliated to UGC, AICTE and is recognized for a few of the colleges under it. Those include Jodhpur Institute of Law, which is affiliated to BCI (Bar Council of India), Jodhpur Pharmacy College that is recognized by PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), and Jodhpur Dental College General Hospital that is affiliated to DCI (Dental Council of India).


The university is well-equipped with a full-fledged library that is stocked with as many as 90000 books in all functional, core, and applied niches of study. The campus also houses gigantic space for different indoor and outdoor sports, such as cricket, basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, aerobics, and carrom-board etc.

To maintain the well-being of students, there is an all-inclusive hospital having over 250 beds along with top-notch diagnostic amenities, such as blood test, X-ray, and ECG etc.

Final Verdict

Jodhpur National University offers top-notch education in reasonable prices to students all over the country. The university provides copious opportunities to students for obtaining high-quality studies without compromising on their dreams.


Significance of Distance Learning Programs in India

With tremendous progress in every field, India has preened on the education sector to provide flexible and affordable education. Earlier education was confined to the elites in society, which primarily affected lower and middle class people. However, today’s newfangled education system has revolutionized the whole notion of the education access.

Value of distance learning programs in India

Distance learning programs in India are apparently running neck to neck with full-time programs. They come in handy as compared to traditional courses to much an extent.  Distance learning programs evocate one about convenience, accessibility, and flexibility.

At present, distance learning programs in India are housed of two prime categories, namely correspondence courses and open courses. This type of education has received overwhelming response I the country. As a result of which, numerous distance-education job oriented courses have been launched by different universities.

This specific prototype caters to a colossal range of aspirants from all disciplines. Students can easily upgrade their educational qualifications on the groundswell of distance education. Furthermore, distance learning programs in India cover both young and old age groups.

If one has to continue education by easy and convenient means in today’s competitive age, distance education is seemingly is an excellent alternative.

Evidently, distance learning programs in India allow for enhanced access to knowledge and embolden long-term indoctrination. Students get to save their exuberant time and money spent in travelling to schools and colleges.

One gets to study from his/ her chosen comfortable ambience. The most dynamic facet is the asynchronous classes that permit everyone to schedule his/ her lectures as per their wish.

What is the benefit of part time courses?

Part time courses form another dynamic aspect of the present education system. Amid the crowd of courses and lucrative opportunities, part time courses emerge as foil to other courses. Below are the crucial benefits that a student might receive through part time courses.

  • Update skills: A great benefit of part time courses is the skill-update. These courses are efficient to raise the skill-level of the existing workforce. The overall horizon lies in developing the workforce to benefit the economy.
  • Balance life: Individuals can combine their studies with their family or work commitments. This renders tremendous flexibility to a person in order to balance both the facets of his/ her life.
  • Pursue further studies: Students can finance their prospective studies by means of part time jobs. Since, part time courses save a great deal of a student’s time, thus allowing him/ her to continue working in the spared time.
  • Enhance existing career: A student can pursue further studies of his/ her predilection to augment the degrees accomplished.
  • Save money: While carrying out a part time course saves time, it also saves one’s money. Numerous part time courses are more affordable than their full-time counterparts.

Final verdict

Both distance learning and part time courses seem promising for every single student, owing to their great advantages. Flexibility, accessibility, reason ability, and wide reach are a few of the notable emoluments.




Advantages of Distance Learning MBA

An MBA degree or diploma augments one’s skills and expertise in the arena of management.  A student accomplishes the crucial title of Master of Business Administration by means of an MBA. Given the gold standard of this business degree, there’s always been numerous conjectures on the value of an online MBA. A distance learning MBA program, when juxtaposed with a traditional MBA program, renders a lot without falling backwards.

Utmost flexibility

Students who try to hit the business world can work full-time and still achieve their advanced degree without any hassle. An online MBA works on this high-end concept. Majority of today’s online instructions delivery models permit students to pursue their studies from their chosen place on their desired time.

Time and cost saving

Not only a student saves exuberant time, but also he/ she relives from additional expenses incurred on traveling. A distance learning MBA doesn’t require students to commute to schools and attend classes. Students can simply get started from their homes, if that works for them. Thus, the factor of flexibility translates into the savings of time and cost for students in long term.

Enhanced learning curve

Numerous studies have demonstrated that online realm outperforms traditional classroom teaching. As per the statistics of the U.S. Department of Education, online learners can break down and grasp the information better than their classroom counterparts. Apparently, the online learning does consume its required time. Nonetheless, the benefits are colossal for students.

Hassle-free access

A student attains gigantic network of colleagues, faculty, alumni, and classmates by means of a distance learning MBA. Students get access to this core contingent, even from sitting at their places. With big names in B-schools offering online MBA programs, it’s seamless for students to earn their career-advancing diploma from any place.

Value-driven employability

As per numerous recent surveys and research, it is evident that huge corporations are now hiring more applicants with an online MBA than before. Employers have faded away the earlier-held prejudices regarding online business degrees.

Management courses in distance mode

There are diversified management courses in distance mode available in India as well as abroad. Majority of highly-coveted management schools and institutes offer intellectually stimulating management courses through distance learning.

At present, management courses in distance mode cover all skill levels and academic standards. Ranging from the under graduate level to the post graduate level, distance learning management courses are offered in almost all primary management disciplines.

These high-end courses include post graduate diploma in management in marketing, human resource, operations, finance, retail, E-business, business administration, and supply chain management etc.

Furthermore, disciplines, such as international business, rural and agribusiness, healthcare, services excellence, travel and tourism, media and advertising, hospitality, banking, insurance, and investment are also covered. In addition, there are other courses like professional diploma in management and elective in MBA.


Numerous online MBA programs are less expensive than their traditional counterparts. These programs support additional benefits of grants and scholarships to students. Lucrative benefits bundled with ease and comfort make an online MBA the real career-maker for a student.

Get Technical Help in Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning has become as the popular way for getting higher education and you do not even have to go for attending class on the regular basis. More and more of people are going for this mode of education. Although, some of the people easily enroll in the distance learning courses, but some fail to get the admission in these courses.

There are also some people who opt to go out without completing the course. It implies that it is not that much easy. These courses in the real scenario are getting more demanding in comparison to the on-campus courses.

Now, before you go for these distance learning courses, it is quite essential to consider the crucial factors for successful completion of course. You can go online for guidance however, it is imperative to think over approaching the technical help.

When it comes to distance learning programs in India, you can choose from any subject in the distance learning mode of education. However, it is wise to consider about the subject choice and you must choose the subject area that arouses you for study.

With the rising demand of distance learning courses in India, there are Technical Help consultants and agencies that tend to assist students in each stage of the course to ensure that they can easily enroll in the course and complete it successfully.

These Technical Help firms assist students,

  • To realize the strong desire for a specific course. It helps you understand why you should go for the course. It helps you to continue during the difficult time when you are looking to make the exit.
  • As the distance learning mode requires to study by your own, it needs to be committed and self-disciplined that ensures for the course completion.
  • Distance learning course aims to draft the course structure as student-centered and consultants who tend to provide the technical assistance have the expertise to make possible for students to seek advice during the course is running.
  • While going through the distance learning course, it is essential for students to make the proper interaction with his instructor. Technical wing helps to tackle with issues related to online conversation with the instructor. There might be a problem when a student is making conversation online with his tutor. Technical professionals are there who help you to get rid of this problem.
  • The adequate technical skills and computer knowledge is also required for successful completion of the course and in this way, technical people are going to assist you.
  • It is a trend of online distance learning program and everyone is looking ahead to get the technical assistance so that they can easily get the conversation on with their friends, colleagues and teaching coordinator.

The majority of the people has a thinking that distance learning programs in India is an easier and cheap mode of learning, however it is not true at all.

Distance learning is a golden opportunity that gives you the rewarding experience, if it can be coupled with the well proven technical help.

MA admission 2014 in Distance Learning -80 10000 200

Online education has become the norm currently with students preferring to complete their degrees in their favorite subjects via online. Students who are obsessive to persue the master degree in arts subject have realized. It is a lot easier to pursue on-line art degrees as they provide them the possibility to explore the opportunities quickly.

Moreover, the scholars have not got to go away the comfort of their homes once following these on-line degree programs. There are a full host of faculties and educational establishments that are giving distance learning programs in the field of arts. However, it’s necessary to pursue on-line education from those educational institutions that are properly licensed and offer high quality education to the scholars. There are a number of the fields in which online degree courses are available.

You can simply enroll in these courses by getting the Distance Learning MA admission 2014. You only need to explore the web and search the degree options available over there. There are distance learning institutions that offer the courses for Distance Learning MA in Human Rights. By getting the degree in human rights, you can gain the in-depth knowledge of the human rights.

There are some fields where you can get the online degree in arts.

Students desirous to pursue a career in arts have a huge variety of choices on the market to them. The online distance learning programs being offered by the institutions in several departments including Advertising, Graphic style, Visual Development, Fashion, Photography, and many others.

You can also get the degree for MA in Hindi and can become the lecturer in Hindi in a college. It helps youth to encourage for learning Hindi as well. MA in Physical Education is available through universities and institutions. You can make your body fit while engaging in this education. It makes you learn how you can achieve the body fitness.

If you are looking ahead to gain the degree for MA in Public Administration, you can search universities that offer this degree. It helps you to gain strong hold on public administration subject that is a major subject being asked in civil services examination.

Master of Social Work (MSW) is in great demand and you can build in this field as well. There are several open universities/ colleges that offer the course for MA in Sanskrit and you can easily opt for it.

Everyone is looking to speak fluently; you can opt for the course of MA in English to get the masters degree in English.

The degree for MA in Political Science is also easily available, you can go for it. You can also opt for MA in History or MA in Philosophy to gain strong hold in these subjects and go ahead in your career.

There are online distance courses available for MA in Mathematics to gain in-depth knowledge in mathematics. There is great opportunity in the field of economics and you can go ahead to pursue the degree for Distance Learning MA in Economics.

You can also search for universities that offer the degrees for MA in Education or MA in Geography. MA in Psychology and MA in Sociology is also available to gain master degree to forward your career.